Hey gorgeous Mama

I'm Marilene Dippenaar.  

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Mama Bear & Wifey.  

I am very glad you are here!  


  • the smell of new cookbooks 
  • yoga pants
  • hummus and sushi
  • Essential Oils (I am obsessed with them!) Learn more here.
  • my handsome farmer husband (currently working away in the USA :-()
  • our two little busy monkeys
  • traveling and eating (and not in that order)

Are your ready to embrace your happiness? Feel better about your body? Get better sleep? Stress less?  Awaken those lost dreams?  Become healthier and get your family healthier? Effortlessly lose some weight without dieting and depriving yourself?

I work with big hearted moms (that's you) who feel like they've lost, or are yet to have found that golden light in life that makes them feel whole. Moms that have given so much of themselves that they sometimes feel they have nothing left to give.  Moms that are overworked, tired, stressed, that feel bad about how they look, tired of trying to lose weight only to gain some more, tired of feeling like they will never by anything more than just “a mom”.  Moms that want to fall back in love with their husbands and fall back in love with their lives!  I'm here to bring you back home to yourself and your happiness. 

I cannot help you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix or yet another diet to follow.
  • You want a meal plan and a step by step guide and a pat on the back and you want to do it on your own.  Trust me honey, it is much more fun (and successful) doing it as a team and having someone rooting for you every single step of the way. 

  • You can't make yourself and coaching a priority. You deserve to make yourself a priority mama, so let's get started!

Here is how I can help you if you are ready:

  • I will gently guide you through the fog to rediscover the vibrancy that comes with eating delicious, nutritious and satisfying foods
  • You will learn that you do not have to deprive yourself to look and feel amazing
  • You will come to see that your body is amazing and that by healing your gut, you can fix may other problems
  • We will re-establish and prioritise the connection you desire with your partner / family / your tribe (soul sisters)
  • You will rediscover your passion for life and find your reason WHY
  • I will guide and support you in getting your home toxin-free by incorporating Essential Oils into your every day life.  I highly believe that your body has the ability to heal itself, by itself if given the right tools and support, and toxins definitely play a significant role in the body not being able to do what it was created to do.  Essential Oils have been the leading reason for me being able to change the health of myself and my family and I am extremely excited to share them with you.   

I want you to fall back in love with the person you are and the world you've created for yourself.  To see the possibilities that lie ahead of you and the amazing gifts you have to share with this world!

My Story

+ A preacher's daughter. 

+ Married my high school sweetheart and best friend. 

+ Mama Bear of 2, a very spirited 5 year old superhero-wannabe boy and a loving and compassionate 9 year old princess who loves music and has more My Little Ponies than should be legal!

+ Hubby was offered an amazing job managing a farm in a little town, Gettysburg, South Dakota in the USA which meant that he would have to spend 8 months a year away from us ;-(

+  I had to learn to adapt to this new life and a whole new set of circumstances, while trying to stay sane, healthy and happy (yeah right!)

+  Fast forward one year later and me and the kids are packed and we also move to the USA

+  Leaving my Graphic Design and Magazine Editing career, family and friends behind, we settled in the States and I became a full time, stay at home mom, farmers wife and South African living abroad.

+  I loved being able to spend so much time with the kids and being close to my hubby and we easily adapted to living in a new foreign country.  

+  2 years later, we were back in South Africa with hubby still working in the USA and I decided I had to find something that I love to do or I would go crazy!!! I wanted to contribute to our family and I had this crazy notion that I wanted to retire my husband while doing something I was passionate about. And so my “Self-discovery” journey began.

+  But life decided to throw me a curve ball and I was diagnosed with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) after struggling for a very long time to lose weight.  This was the start of my journey to find how I could heal my body and find my true calling!!

+ I decided to study to become a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition while I would try to heal my body and liver. 

+ This decision CHANGED MY LIFE.  My migraines disappeared. I increased my energy. I stopped feeling depressed and overwhelmed all the time, which I thought was NORMAL, by the way!! I cleared up my brain fog. My relationships with my hubby and kids improved!!  And best of all - I got my PASSION for life back!! 

+  I want to share this gift with as many moms as I can and that is what brings me here :-)

Health is how you feel about yourself,        inside and out.

Health includes your body, your mind, your spirit and the world that you create for yourself... not just the food that goes in your mouth.

I am commited to supporting and helping you becoming the Gorgeous, Amazing, LOVING, Passionate, Healthy, Vibrant and Glowing Mommy you were meant to be!!!

I am so glad your are hear Gorgeous mamma, please drop me an Insta message to say HI!! I am really looking forward to meeting you!  

Welcome to our TRIBE!!

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