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I'm Marilene Dippenaar, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Mama Bear & Wifey, Health and Happiness Expert.


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Are your ready to embrace your happiness?  

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Effortlessly lose weight without dieting and depriving yourself? 



Read about my own health journey and struggles and how I learned to eat right for me.  Find  out how I stopped obsessing about eating healthy 100% of the time, healed my gut, balanced my hormones, the importance of self-care and how I started losing weight without dieting.  I also share a little about why I decided to become a Health Coach and how you could too.



Full of inspiration for living a healthier and happier life.  Lots of delicious recipes, guest posts and tips for living the life you were meant to live and achieving balance in all areas of your life. I will also be sharing some of my favourite products and blog posts from other Health Coaches, Doctors, Healthy Food Bloggers and other inspiring, gorgeous mommies.



Do you want want to create a home for your family that is free of toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances and poisonous ingredients?  I would love to share the amazing power of Essential Oils with you.  These amazing gifts from the plant kingdom is the key to living a natural, toxin free and empowered life.  Let me help you get started on your oil journey  by sharing how I started mine.