Healthy & Quick Family Friendly Snack Recipes


I am always on the lookout for easy and healthy snack recipes that not only I will love, but also my kiddos, and as most moms know, they can sometimes be very hard to find.

Here are 5 of my tried, tested and most loved recipes, that tick all the boxes.

  1. They are super easy to make and take less than 10 minutes to assemble.

  2. They are healthy and nutrient dense, filled with good amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals our bodies need on a daily basis.

  3. Kids Approved!!! All 5 of these recipes have been approved by my kids. I get asked (more like, begged) to make these on a weekly basis.

So, here they are, lovelies. I have decided to post them as images so you can easily save them directly to your phone. No need to copy and paste wording or links. You are welcome, gorgeous mama! ;-)

15cgreen smoothie.png

What are some of your favourite Healthy and Quick Family Friendly Snack recipes? Please share them in the comments. Thanks lovelies!

xoxo Marilene

My Top 10 Favorite Food Blogs

My Top 10 Favorite Food Blogs

Let me be honest, I absolutely love FOOD!!! I love making it and eating it.  I love trying new recipes and I always come back to make the ones my family enjoy. 

For a long time I had this idea in my head that I needed to start creating my own recipes for my website and that I had to get a new camera to start taking like a million photos of these new recipes and how I make them. Every time I thought about creating new recipes for my blog, I would feel my chest tense up and I would have a mini panic attack because I just didn't want to do it. Not because I couldn't or because I was too lazy to do it, I just felt that I would rather spend my precious time doing other things that to me, are more important than writing a brand new recipe for a Green Smoothie.